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5 Best Uses for Galvanized Steel Wire

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Galvanized steel wire is basically wire that has been strengthened by the chemical process of galvanization. The process involves coating the steel wire with a protective, rust-resistant metal, like zinc. Also known as galvanized iron wire, this wire is strong, non-rusting and can serve a number of purposes in the home. Depending upon your need and requirement, you can choose steel wire in a range of thicknesses. Here are the five best uses of galvanized wire.

1. Protecting Your Property

Since galvanized steel wire is extremely strong, you can easily use it to create a protective perimeter around your home or property. Cutting the wire would require a lot of time and effort, making it an effective deterrent for thieves and even wild animals. A good idea is to use the wires atop a fence to deter people from climbing in. A fence with galvanized steel wire will be an easy and useful way to keep your home safe and secure.


2. Supporting Wall Projections and Paintings

Keeping projections and pictures on the wall safe and secure can be quite a challenge for most homeowners. The high tensile strength of these wires makes them ideal for supporting expensive paintings and pictures on the wall. You can also use them to secure mirrors and other objects that may fall and shatter, causing damage and injury.

3. Locking down Windows

Since the zinc coating makes the wires corrosion-resistant, you can use them outside the home in all kinds of weather. Locking down windows to keep the home insulated or secure is easy with galvanized steel wires. These wires are strong yet soft and flexible enough to be molded easily.


4. Binding of Construction Materials

Galvanized steel wires are strong and durable, which makes them indispensable in the construction of homes and offices. You can use them on construction sites for binding or baling materials to prevent them from falling. The fact that they’re all-weather, rust-resistant and durable increases their value as well.    

5. Other Uses of Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized steel wire is also used with other materials to make steel ropes and corrosion-resistant wire products and also to strengthen multi-core electric cables. If you live on a farm, you’ll appreciate the ease of using this wire for packing agricultural materials. Also, the pliability and strength of the wire allows it be used for creating wire art. In addition, galvanized steel wire is used for suspending or hanging telecommunication cables or for barrier cable, earth wire or ground wire. A few other commercial uses of the wire include its use in making wire cloth, wire rope, animal cages and suspension bridges.

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