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  • Aug
    [Knowledge] What is the difference between Black Annealed Wire & Galvanized Iron Wire

    wire, as one of the popular metal products, is widely used in many
    fields. According to the producing process, it can be divided into black
    annealed wire and galvanized iron wire. Black annealed wire, also called binding wire or annealing wire. Galvanized wire
    is known as GI wire. To have a

  • Aug
    [Knowledge] Galvanized Wire Process Points

    Hot-dip galvanized wire is more popular in daily life, since the wire is made of metal, it is usually easily corroded in the air. Therefore zinc plating on its surface, can enhance its anti-corrosion ability.

  • Dec
    [Knowledge] What is an Electro Galvanized Iron Wire ?

    According to the method of galvanizing,galvanized wire is divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and electro-galvanized wire.Electro galvanized iron wire is an intermediate product used to make corrosion-resistant steel wire products.It can be provided in the form of coils.

  • Apr
    [Knowledge] Razor wire production process

    The blade barbed wire machine, also known as blade barbed wire and blade barbed wire, is a new kind of protective net. It has excellent features such as beautiful, economical and practical, good resistance to resistance, construction and lunch, etc. It has been widely used in industrial and mining e

  • Mar
    [Knowledge] Gabion Box application

    Hexagonal Wire Netting:You are here: Home - productsContact us for a quotation.Sales Manager E-mail: gabion@gabionmesh.comGalvanized gabionGalvanized gabions are mainly made of high quality carbon structural steel, by drawing, galvanized, it's processed into low carbon galvanized steel wire, the ten

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